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Parapsychology is the branch of psychology which attempts to scientifically study anomalous phenomena such as alleged psychic powers, UFO sightings, alien abduction experiences, haunting or possession experiences, etc. One does not have to take a position on the objective reality of such alleged phenomena to be a parapsychologist. Indeed, although admittedly there are very few tenured parapsychology researchers in the world, some of them think that there is no convincing evidence for any (or hardly any) of these "paranormal" phenomena; some state that the evidence for, say, remote viewing, is very compelling; and some parapsychologists prefer not to be drawn on their true beliefs, simply saying "We must investigate these phenomena without either dismissing them out of hand as non-existent, nor necessarily taking them at face value". There is thus a certain amount of overlap with the Society: Paranormal category and the Science: Anomalies and Alternative Science category, but this category is restricted specifically to scientific investigations (that is, investigations using a recognizably scientific and rationalist methodology) of the paranormal and other presently-inexplicable anomalies involving the human mind.


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Home > Science > Social Sciences > Psychology > Alternative > Parapsychology



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