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The modern discipline of psychology finds its roots in medicine and philosophy of the mid 1800s. Its methodologies became largely experimental in nature around the beginning of the 20th Century, and has since become known as “the science of mind and behavior”. Psychology is a broad discipline, stretching from the biological determinants of animal and human behavior through to the social psychology of intergroup relations. Although a lively and growing academic scientific discipline, psychology is also an applied discipline, such that many psychologists consider themselves “scientist-practitioners”. Applications range from clinical psychology through to the psychology of industry and organizations.

Within this category you will find sites related to the academic study and practice of psychology in all its forms. Sites concerned with products, services, or mental health information are listed elsewhere in the directory; in particular, if you are looking for counseling and psychotherapy providers or consumer information you should begin your search in Health/Mental_Health. In particular, general counseling sites may be found in Health/Mental_Health/Counseling_Services and provision of services for a specific locale may be found in Health/Mental_Health/Counseling_Services/Regional.


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Home > Science > Social Sciences > Psychology



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