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Sites identifying sources of equipment, services, and accessories involved in adding marks, textures, or decorative finishes to metallic and non-metallic surfaces, industrial and commercial products or components, and, in a few cases, specialized materials and items. The process technology varies, but the end result is invariably one of two things. There is either the addition (or occasionally the removal) of a mark, imprint, or texture to (or from) the original. Or the process leads to the creation of an intricate shape or uniquely finished product. Note: Suppliers of etching equipment often have a particular, and even exclusive, focus on the semi-conductor industry, and sites of this nature are better indexed in the Business/Electronics_and_Electrical/ categories. Additional note: Manufacturers of laser marking and engraving equipment often include models designed for cutting, drilling, and welding materials -- and sometimes the reverse applies. Where the emphasis is on cutting type machines rather than marking ones, sites should be more properly directed to -- and will be found in -- the Business/Industrial_Goods_and_Services/Machinery_and_Tools/Cutting_and_Machining/Cutting_Machinery/Lasers/ category. Note re commercial embossing work: The printing industry includes embossing as one of its capabilities, although the results are obtained through the use of dies rather than with industrial embossing machinery. An extensive, alphabetized collection of sources for this kind of work can be found in the Business/Publishing_and_Printing/Printing/Full_Service_and_Commercial/ category, with the geographical location being indicated in most cases.

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Home > Business > Industrial Goods and Services > Machinery and Tools > Etching, Embossing, Marking



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