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Branch of Ninpo founded in 1994 by Stephen K. Hayes, one of Masaaki Hatsumi's senior students. To-Shin Do was designed to modernize the techniques of ninjutsu while using the ancient battle-tested principles. It also employs many of the mind-science techniques of shugendo and Tendai vajrayana, which were used by the historical ninja to actualize the potentials of the mind and spirit. The martial techniques are changed very little from the way Hayes learned them in the Bujinkan, but the style with which they are performed reflects modern circumstances. The attacks that are practiced against are also changed from traditional ninjutsu to reflect the type of assaults common in the modern West. The teaching is organized to reflect an elemental approach to technique and a spiritual approach to training and personal expression in life.

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Home > Sports > Martial Arts > Ninpo > To-Shin Do



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