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Gothic ('gä-thik) of or relating to a style of fiction characterized by the use of desolate or remote settings and macabre, mysterious, or violent incidents. A fashion and music movement characterized by black clothes, dramatic make-up, and dark, moody music styles. Fetish: Not a part of the Gothic subculture, though the two may meet under some circumstances (everyone has their vices). Please consider this before adding fetish sites. I am in the process of sending these sites elsewhere, as soon as there is an elsewhere. Baywatch rejects in latex, bathing suits, vinyl, plastic wrap, duct tape, horse tack, etc.. count as "Fetish" only and need not apply here. Subjects in graveyards, forests, cathedrals, lace, sheers, ribbons, hair extensions, gowns, boots, etc.. photo reproductions of artwork, period style clothing, Gothic sites with fetish art, Gothic subjects in fetish wear, endless other possibilities, possibly "Gothic:Art:Fetish Art". I may reject it, send it to the aforementioned spot, or write you personally and ask why it belongs here. Personal pages. Personal pages that are mostly related to the artwork of that person will go in this section. Personal pages with some artwork, links to artwork sites, or lists of favorite artists go to Gothic:Personal Pages (back one directory to hit this branch). Make sure that your page has something to do with this sub culture, and is art-oriented. It is preferred that your site is mostly related to this subculture, if not completely. Exceptions will be made, based on amount of relevant content.


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Home > Society > Subcultures > Gothic > Art



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