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Taken from James Redfield's website and mission statement: (The) belief is that there is a growing world wide interest in spirituality that is creating a new spiritual awareness and culture that will flourish in the new millennium. Yet we realize that no one person has the ultimate perspective and so, this Celestine WebSite is dedicated to an ongoing spiritual discussion and the dissemination of ideas throughout the world. Out of this world-wide consensus building human society will continue to evolve ever greater truths that will further spark our spiritual awakening. Ultimately we will realize that we are spiritual beings living in a spiritual world - a world that is precisely designed for the discovery and implementation of our most inspired dreams. Each of us must discover our personal mission and this synchronistic process that can guide us forward for ourselves. Uplift everyone that crosses your path and trust that process...


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Home > Society > Religion and Spirituality > New Age > Celestine Prophecy



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