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Evolutionary Astrology is a holistic form of astrology centered around seven basic principles: (1)That Humans incarnate in a succession of lifetimes, (2)That the purpose of reincarnation is the evolution of the soul, (3)That the birth chart reflects the evolutionary condition of the Soul, (4)That the birth chart reflection the evolutionary intention of the Soul, (5)That circumstances are never random or pointless, (6)That, as Humans are Free-Will creatures interacting in a multidimensional environment, there is always an element of variance and unpredictability, (7)That, as beings of Free-Will, we are each responsible for our internal and external environment through the power of choice. In Evolutionary Astrology evolution is synonymous with increasing states of union and temperance, with the purpose of reuniting the Soul with its Universal Source. The astrological chart is examined from the point of view of the whole being (that is, the Soul's spiritual, mental, & emotional patterns), and in terms of past action, present condition, and future impulse.

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Home > Society > Religion and Spirituality > Divination > Astrology > Evolutionary



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