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Guidelines For Submitting Sites Into Society: People: Personal Homepages

We list web sites by the first letter of your last name or the first letter of your handle/screen name. For example, if your name is Jane Doe, you would submit your site to the "D" category because your last name begins with the letter "D". ONLY personal homepages belong here. Please submit your web site to the appropriate sub-category!

The Title
Should be your name, handle or screen name
Do not type in all caps
Do not include a list of keywords

The Description
Should be in English and in sentence form
A Maximum of 30 words
Do not submit your web site's history, it is not relevant
Do not submit a list of keywords
Do not use caps
Do not include HTML tags

Your site will be reviewed by an editor at which time they will determine whether it belongs in the category you submitted it to. Due to the high number of submissions to this category if you submit to the wrong place, an editor may not take the time to relocate it to a more appropriate one.

Note: The Open Directory Project is not like other directories or search engines. Our goal is to provide visitors with high quality web sites, not necessarily a high quantity. If your web site does not meet our basic standards it will not be entered into the directory.

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Home > Society > People > Personal Homepages



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