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Intactivist combines the words Intact and Activist. Intact as used here means leaving the genitals intact and free from surgical alteration or mutilation. Those people who are actively opposed to both male and female circumcision or genital mutilation generally describe their efforts under the umbrella term Intactivism. Anti-circumcision and anti-female genital mutilation groups or individuals can all be described as intactivists. Typically, their intent is to educate others about the anatomy of normal genitals and the effects of genital alteration. While intactivism encompasses both genders, individuals and groups tend to concentrate their efforts to one gender or the other. A third group is transgender individuals who oppose "gender assignment" surgery of infants and children. Intactivists are primarily concerned with protecting infants and children from genital alteration, believing that adults can choose for themselves --- unless the genital alteration is forced on an adult against the adult's wishes.

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Home > Society > Issues > Health > Circumcision > Activism



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