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Industrial hemp is an agricultural product grown around the world for centuries, and is still grown today in many countries. Well known products in history made from industrial hemp include fuel, food, and fiber. Hemp products were used for the first drafts of the US Declaration of Independence, Gutenberg and King James Bibles, the first American flags and Levi's Jeans, canvas for sails on ships, and medicines. More recent applications include health foods, birdseed, low pollution bio-diesels and methanol, environmentally friendly inks, paints, paper, clothes, jewelry, plastics, and building materials.

When marijuana was banned in the US, industrial hemp (which cannot get you high at all) was included in the ban, at the behest of oil, chemical, cotton, and lumber companies who simply see hemp as a competitor. The last state in the United States to have legal hemp growing was Wisconsin in 1957.

This category is for sites discussing the status of industrial hemp, its uses and potential, and its future.

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Home > Society > Issues > Business > Agriculture > Industrial Hemp



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