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Community building has come to refer to a variety of intentional efforts to (a) organize and strengthen social connections or (b) build common values that promote collective goals. Literally, community building means building more community (an interim goal) as a way of achieving some set of desired outcomes (safer neighborhoods, healthier children and families, better-preserved cultural traditions, more profitable businesses, and so forth). While specific meanings vary widely depending on context, community building emphasizes the beneficial aspects of key processes (actions) that shape relationships, values, psychological attachment, and other aspects of community. As such, community building bears important connections to community organizing and community development." (Xavier de Souza Briggs) This category is for groups which directly build community and for groups which enable community building and maintenance, through actions such as providing grants or feedback. It also includes sites which discuss, criticize, or study "community".


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Home > Society > Activism > Community Building



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