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Internal combustion (IC) engines are prime movers that use a Carnot cycle. They are heat engines and use a temperature difference to do work. They burn compressed mixtures of air and fuel. IC engines have relatively high power to weight ratios, and are far more autonomous than electric motor prime movers. All prime movers have many uses. IC engines are used for: transport vehicles (motorcycles, automobiles, trains, aircraft, boats/ships), electric generators (mobile, fixed), pumps (mobile, fixed), gas compressors, construction vehicles (cranes, earthmovers, pavers) and equipment (crushers, mixers), agriculture vehicles (tractors, harvesters/combines), gardening vehicles (tractors) and equipment (mowers, chain and rotary saws, tillers, mulchers, chippers, blowers, snow throwers/blowers), recreation vehicles (model aircraft, boating, automobile racing, RVs) and more.


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Home > Science > Technology > Energy > Devices > Internal Combustion Engines



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