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In Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Caribbean Islands there is the Garifuna culture, numbering approximately 500,000 people. The Garifuna are descendants of Kalinagu who were Guianas of South America. Nigerian slaves escaped from a slave ship that had run aground near St. Vincent in 1675. These black people were assimilated into the native culture of the Caribs and their offspring were known as "Black Caribs" or Garifuna. These people went into Honduras, and then later, because of the political climate, migrated to Belize around 1893. This is celebrated as Garifuna Day or Settlers' Day. In Guatemala there are less that 4,000 Garifuna living in Livingston, Guatemala. They are a cultural minority, being neither Latinos or Indians. There are now also Garifuna communities in the Bronx and Los Angeles. -- from Minnesota State University

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Home > Regional > Central America > Society and Culture > Garifuna



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