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The Computers and Technology subcategory of the Ask an Expert section of the directory is for websites that allow users to submit their own questions about things related to computers and technology. Questions about the purchase, repair, or maintenance of hardware, as well as creation and maintenance of software, or questions about the internet are acceptable. While archives of useful answers and information are useful, in order to get listed in this category, there must be a live human answering questions, not just a search engine or computer.

In addition, this category is for sites that provide this human service free of charge. Answers that are available for a fee should be listed in Ask an Expert: For a Fee. Businesses such as computer repair, software design, or search engine optimization consulting should be listed in their appropriate business categories, since having experts on your staff is not the same as being appropriate for the Ask an Expert category. Forums also are not appropriate for this category, and should be submitted to the relevant subject category, as they are a different type of site and have a different function.

Again, we ONLY want web sites where you can submit questions related to computers, the internet, and technology to a pool of experts and have them supply an answer.

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Home > Reference > Ask an Expert > Computers and Technology



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