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Sites and resources for children and teens under the age of 18 dealing with general scientific topics.

Science can be defined as a process of recording data from controlled experiments, summarizing the results and then attempting to develop a rational theory to describe these results. Not all experiments lead to a successful theory, but yield results that cannot be summed up in a useful way.

Science fields include biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, earth sciences, environmental studies, and technology.

Math is closely related to science and is a necessary component of most sciences. Most branches of math do not conduct experiments, so that is why it is listed in a separate section.

The applications of successful scientific theories and applications can be astonishing. Without science, there would be no detailed environmental knowledge, electricity, space travel, air conditioning, cars, or washing machines.

There are also, some negative affects from science, such as the development of nuclear weapons and non-biodegradable plastics.

We, as a society, have choices to make on how to use these scientific developments.


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Home > Kids and Teens > School Time > Science



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