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Wiki is short for WikiWiki, which means quick or hurry in Hawaiian Creole. Inventor: Ward Cunningham, of Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. Wikis are a type of collaboration software, a group collaboration space, that makes information sharing easy, and uses few resources. They let you easily create your own Internet, intranet, or extranet communities for collaboration or static message posting. Uses: managing projects, sharing documents, planning events, working remotely, closing deals across wide areas, clubs (aircraft, cars, food, investment), user groups, study groups, K-12 and college classes, software development (open or closed source), focus groups, committees, family, friends, and anyone else who wishes or needs to share ideas. Wikis were originally invented, and propagated, in the open source community, but some newer variants have closed source features and versions.


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Home > Computers > Software > Groupware > Wiki



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