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DBMaker provides you with a professional database system with multimedia capabilities, a native ODBC interface, large database features, and cross-platform support. The unique open architecture and native ODBC interface give you the freedom to build custom applications using a wide variety of programming tools such as Visual Basic or Delphi, or query your database using existing ODBC-compliant applications. DBMaker is easily scaleable from personal single-user databases to distributed enterprise-wide databases. Regardless of the configuration you choose for your database, the safety of your critical data is ensured by the advanced security, integrity, and reliability features of DBMaker. Extensive cross-platform support permits you to leverage your existing hardware now, and allows you to expand and upgrade to more powerful hardware as your needs grow. DBMaker provides excellent multimedia handling capabilities, allowing you to store, search, retrieve, and manipulate all types of multimedia data. Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) allow you to ensure the integrity of your multimedia data by taking full advantage of the advanced security and crash recovery mechanisms included in DBMaker; File Objects (FOs) allow you to manage your multimedia data while maintaining the capability to edit individual files in the source application.

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Home > Computers > Software > Databases > DBMaker



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