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Welcome to the mutual back-slapping society of the Web. There's a dizzying variety of awards here; content awards, graphics awards, awards for service to specific interest groups, awards for awards--even one that gives awards only to awards with "cool" in their names. Even our editors have gotten into the act with their ability to "cool" directory sites. Each award has many sides to it. Users simply want to know if award site's winners list will have links worth visiting (surfers, please also visit related categories listed here). Webmasters want to know if an award is something to be proud of, if it's achievable for them, and if it will bring them more visitors. Award site owners want to increase their own status, traffic, and traffic to their sponsors, if any. Webmasters have many ways of approaching the submission process. There are automated services and software for the faint of heart and short of time, but the best way is to examine the awards (and a sampling of their winners) in detail, see if they meet your needs, and prepare a submission specifically for each award you desire. Don't chicken out on submitting for very selective awards; you can learn a lot by checklisting your site against their requirements, and you will also improve your submission skills. You will likely find that certain guides to awards are essential to making your time count. Whether you're a user or a webmaster, happy hunting!


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Home > Computers > Internet > On the Web > Best of the Web > Site Awards



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