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Natural fibers are quickly becoming an important source of raw materials for the nonwovens industry. The obvious reason for that is the growing concern about the ecological dangers (real or imagined, I'm not going to get into that one), processing of chemicals is posing to the environment. But there are a number of other incentives for nonwovens manufacturers, to make use of renewable sources like plant and bast fibers. First of all because, with care and good management, they're always available. Sometimes it's just plain good economics. Products made from natural fibers are rapidly growing in popularity, despite the usually higher retail prices. I, for instance (if I am allowed a personal confession in the framework of this project), will not be caught dead in a polyester shirt. So, this is what this category will be about. Links to companies that make the fibers from weed, tree or plant, for other companies to make my shirts from them.


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Home > Business > Textiles and Nonwovens > Fibers > Natural



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