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This category is for any site related to actuarial science and the actuarial profession, members of whom are called actuaries. What is an actuary? Consider the following description from "Actuaries put a price tag on future risks. They have been called financial architects and social mathematicians because their unique combination of analytical and business skills is helping to solve a growing variety of financial and social problems. Actuaries make financial sense of the future. How? An actuary applies mathematical models to problems of insurance and finance. To be more specific, actuaries improve financial decision making by developing models to evaluate the current financial implications of uncertain future events. If you’ve never met an actuary, that’s not unusual. The actuarial profession numbers only about 19,000 people in North America. But don't let that small number fool you. Actuaries put their special problem-solving skills to work in many different business situations, and their work has had an influence on people’s lives for more than a century. Actuaries make a difference. Their calculations and projections are the backbone of the insurance and financial security industries. Actuarial work involves lots of math, but actuaries must also be up-to-date on business issues and trends, social science, law, and economics. In other words, actuaries have a well-rounded business approach to problem solving. And they must be good communicators to explain things to nonactuaries. Actuaries are key players on a company's management team. They are well paid, and they like what they do for a living."


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Home > Business > Financial Services > Insurance > Actuarial Science



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