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There are 7 classical dance styles of India. Each are spiritual in nature, and originate from the Natya Shastra (ca.3000 B.C.) which is the Treatise based on the essences of the 4 Great Vedas; the Atharva Veda, Sam Veda, Yajur Veda and Rig Veda. These dances are still very popular in each metropolis of India and in the relevant region of India in which they have been danced for centuries. There are several dance schools for each type of dance style, both in India and abroad. The dance styles covered here are - Bharata Natyam (from Tamil Nadu) - Kathak (from Uttar Pradesh and Jaipur) - Kathakali (from Kerala) - Kuchipudi (from Andhra Pradesh) - Manipuri (from Manipur) - Mohiniattam (from Kerala) - Odissi (from Orissa)


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Home > Arts > Performing Arts > Dance > Classical Indian



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